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Make every interaction count

EyeLevel is the first private social network for just you and your team

Dynamic Duos

Dive into 1:1 spaces that break the mold

Duos in EyeLevel are the seamless way for a manager and employee to safely share and discuss all topics big or small—no more juggling these interactions across emails, Zooms, notes apps, and Slack threads

  • Go live with feature-rich video 1:1 sessions
  • Share and chat about topics on the fly–no need to wait for a meeting
  • Avoid the chaos of Slack, email, and Zoom calls without losing track of any critical conversations

Teambuilding 2.0

Socialize in a place created just for your team

Whether everyone is in the same office or working apart, teambuilding in EyeLevel makes it easy to stay in touch and create a stronger sense of belonging

  • Share broadcasts that highlight the best parts of your day
  • Engage in group discussions on your timetable without missing a beat
  • Connect easily with your team throughout the day with agenda-free video breaks

Invest in yourself

Joining EyeLevel shows you are committed to growing as a manager and making yourself available in a unique way to your team. And we keep it simple, one monthly membership fee no matter the size of your team.

$90 for you

After your 21-day trial, EyeLevel is a flat $90 a month for you and an unlimited number of team members—you can cancel at any time

Free for your team

As long as your membership is active, everyone on your team has full access to EyeLevel for free

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