Build a happier team

Talking with your team doesn't have to suck.

Before EyeLevel: Impactful team conversations are left to chance, both sides dread the ritual of meeting one-on-one, and people get blindsided by something big they never saw coming.

After EyeLevel: Your team is communicating out in the open about the important stuff, they are sharing feedback without fear, and you never miss a pivotal conversation again.

You invite everyone on your team to join

EyeLevel is built for busy teams, so getting started is simple - you just download the EyeLevel app on your phone or tablet and invite your team to join you with their device.

EyeLevel creates custom workspaces to share topics and host chat 

These flexible workspaces are called Segments, kind of like the different parts of a talk show. We use them to seamlessly coordinate agendas for your regular 1:1s and help you host other pivotal conversations like team meetings, ad hoc group discussions, and prioritization check-ups.

The entire team learns to give anxiety-free feedback

Offering feedback is often a stressful experience for both you and them, especially when it comes to giving feedback to a manager. We’ve reduced that stress with Takes—EyeLevel’s approach to offering simple interaction feedback. At the end of each Segment, participants choose from a few quick reactions to share a lightweight, but targeted, take on the conversation with the Segment host.

EyeLevel’s mission is to help people join and build incredible teams. To achieve our mission, we’re building an experience that transforms how organizations select, develop, and promote the effectiveness of their people managers so they can build happier, healthier teams.


EyeLevel is headquartered in Los Angeles

1601 Vine Street, Los Angeles, CA 90028

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